Leftist Trade Unions not interested in CSR

http://www.etui.org/News/Trade-unions-and-corporate-social-responsibility-pragmatism-wins-out-against-mistrust (2015-02-26)

[…] The more left-wing the trade union, the less it will be interested in CSR’ was how Lutz Preuss summed up the situation. According to this researcher, it is in Finland that the trade union movement is most open to CSR, a finding that can be explained by the fact that this country is able to boast a highly developed social legislation that endows it, to some extent, with a safety net that can protect it from any undesirable side-effects of negotiations undertaken in the framework of CSR. […]

If “left-wing” stands for left-wing conservativism, I agree to that. As for CSR, old fashioned unions too often leave the agenda setting to the employers and lack the competency and professionality required to challenge corporate story telling and corporate “reputation management”.