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There are a lot of things which surely should not be sustained. Do we use the word “Sustainability” without thinking? Sustainability of what? What does the frequent usage of “Sustainability” as if it for itself already would mark any value tell to us? Sustainability alone is neither good nor bad.


CSR Fad changing to Sustainability

[…] Usually from Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Responsibility to Sustainability. Businesses and leaders that formerly invoked CSR at every turn now rarely mention it. The reports formerly known as ‘CSR Reports’ now try to avoid the label. The newer ersatz terms allow them to claim the same righteousness without the baggage and expectations of CSR.

Sustainability is now especially fashionable for corporations. It’s environmental focus is relatively singular and easy to pay lip-service to. Sustainability is now going through the same fashion cycle. CSR is now effete, sustainability will soon be. After it’s worn out, society will move on. Try to guess what the new cliché word of the future will be.

Sweet Talk


Ferrero renews partnership with EcoVadis

Originally posted on Ferrero website

Ferrero and EcoVadis announced the renewal of their partnership to assess and improve supply chain sustainability performance over the next three years.
Ferrero recognizes that every stakeholder along the value chain has its respective responsibility – and all must work together towards the common objective of creating sustainable and responsible supply chains. The company is strongly committed to sustainability and is convinced that dedication from suppliers is key to achieving sustainable supply chains. […]

 You know KINDER® (from the old German brand “Kinderschokolade” = childrens’ chocolate), NUTELLA®, Tic Tac®. Those are brands from Ferrero Rocher. In 2013/2014 the Ferrero group with a headquarter in Italy and 24,836 employees used a total of 1,651,194 metric tons of agricultural raw materials and packaging raw materials. To advertise CSR obviously is important to them. They even have http://www.ferrerocsr.com. Too much and yet not enough. Disclosing their EcoVadis Premium Report to the public would be just fine. I asked them (csr@ferrero.com).

 2016-09-30: Question to csr@ferrero.com: “Do you consider to disclose your EcoVadis Premium Report to the public – or at least to your employees?”

Together for Sustainability
Together with Employees?

        The administration and the members of
        Together for Sustainability AISBL (TfS)
        Avenue Edmond van Nieuwenhuyse 4
        1160 Auderghem

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

The TfS members use the services of EcoVadis. The employees of your companies are key stakeholders in the CSR management of your company. Do you, as members of TfS and EcoVadis, disclose the EcoVadis Premium Reports to your employees?

Corporate Social Responsibility for Irresponsibility

http://environment.yale.edu/kotchen/pubs/csrcsi.pdf (2012):

The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Vol. 12: Iss. 1 (Contributions), Article 55. DOI: 10.1515/1935-1682.3308

Corporate Social Responsibility for Irresponsibility

Matthew Kotchen and Jon J. Moon

This paper provides an empirical investigation of the hypothesis that companies engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) in order to offset corporate social irresponsibility (CSI). We find general support for the relationship that when companies do more “harm,” they also do more “good.” The empirical analysis is based on an extensive 15-year panel dataset that covers nearly 3,000 publicly traded companies. In addition to the overall finding that more CSI results in more CSR, we find evidence of heterogeneity among industries, where the effect is stronger in industries where CSI tends to be the subject of greater public scrutiny. We also investigate the degree of substitutability between different categories of CSR and CSI. Within the categories of community relations, environment, and human rights—arguably among those dimensions of social responsibility that are most salient—there is a strong within-category relationship. In contrast, the within-category relationship for corporate governance is weak, but CSI related to corporate governance appears to increase CSR in most other categories. Thus, when CSI concerns arise about corporate governance, companies seemingly choose to offset with CSR in other dimensions, rather than reform governance itself.

EcoVadis wants to dominate
the US Market


[…] Terra Nova developed a robust financial tool, known as the Variable EcoVadis Scenario Projection Analysis (VESPA) model, in order to ensure that all of its strategic recommendations were underpinned by thorough financial forecasting and robust data analysis. This rigorous and methodological approach resulted in a suite of three strategies, all supported by actionable tactics that, if employed, would allow EcoVadis the greatest chance at success in achieving its goal of dominating the US market.

 One objective of PlatinumCSR.org is to make you aware of problems which may be caused by allowing EcoVadis to dominate the CSR assessment business.

How does the DFGE support Employees as CSR Stakeholders?

Dear Dr. Thomas Fleissner

Coming from the Technical University Munich, you founded the DFGE. That company helps suppliers to present their CSR management to EcoVadis.

Do you think that the employees of suppliers assessed by EcoVadis should be provided with a EcoVadis Premium Report in case their employer subscribed to an EcoVadis Premium plan and received “Silver” or “Gold” from EcoVadis?

Employees are key stakeholders in the CSR management of their employer. Is there any link to your web site where I find an explanation on how you support these stakeholders?

Mit besten Grüßen,
Götz Kluge


 No doubt, Huawei is a renown leader in protecting human rights. In China these are human rights in “Chinese coloration”: 中国特色的 = zhōngguó tèsè de. I lived and worked in China long enough to know well, what I am talking about.

 EcoVadis grows aggressively. They tweet: “How Sustainability Is Becoming A Competitive Advantage In China”. I guess that EcoVadis sees outstanding chances for its business to grow significantly in China and needs success stories from Chinese big players. EcoVadis is an independent company, but it surely is not independent from its business interests.

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