Trina Solar

[…] As a leading maker of solar panels, Trina Solar focuses its entire business purpose in sustainability. Thus, evaluating them on their CSR and sustainability performance almost seems a bit intimidating. But Trina Solar have taken a very engaging attitude toward the EcoVadis evaluation and embraced all theme aspects to maintain and improve their solid score performance. Read the full interview, conducted by EcoVadis, of Jodie Roussell, Head of Public Affairs (Europe & Africa) at Trina Solar.

“We have found, though, that EcoVadis Scorecard sharing gives our clients a greater feeling of comfort because the information has been reviewed by a third party. They feel comfortable with the information and give priority to higher risk sites and suppliers.” Jodie Roussell.

 Message to EcoVadis via Facebook:
I lived and worked in Shanghai. Auditing in China is a big challenge. It would contribute to transparency if Trinasolar would disclose not only the EcoVadis Scorecard to its own employees, but also the c. 15 pages EcoVadis Premium Report with its c. 3 pages chapter on 'Labor Practices & Human Rights'.


 No doubt, Huawei is a renown leader in protecting human rights. In China these are human rights in “Chinese coloration”: 中国特色的 = zhōngguó tèsè de. I lived and worked in China long enough to know well, what I am talking about.

 EcoVadis grows aggressively. They tweet: “How Sustainability Is Becoming A Competitive Advantage In China”. I guess that EcoVadis sees outstanding chances for its business to grow significantly in China and needs success stories from Chinese big players. EcoVadis is an independent company, but it surely is not independent from its business interests.

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