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Ferrero renews partnership with EcoVadis

Originally posted on Ferrero website

Ferrero and EcoVadis announced the renewal of their partnership to assess and improve supply chain sustainability performance over the next three years.
Ferrero recognizes that every stakeholder along the value chain has its respective responsibility – and all must work together towards the common objective of creating sustainable and responsible supply chains. The company is strongly committed to sustainability and is convinced that dedication from suppliers is key to achieving sustainable supply chains. […]

 You know KINDER® (from the old German brand “Kinderschokolade” = childrens’ chocolate), NUTELLA®, Tic Tac®. Those are brands from Ferrero Rocher. In 2013/2014 the Ferrero group with a headquarter in Italy and 24,836 employees used a total of 1,651,194 metric tons of agricultural raw materials and packaging raw materials. To advertise CSR obviously is important to them. They even have http://www.ferrerocsr.com. Too much and yet not enough. Disclosing their EcoVadis Premium Report to the public would be just fine. I asked them (csr@ferrero.com).

 2016-09-30: Question to csr@ferrero.com: “Do you consider to disclose your EcoVadis Premium Report to the public – or at least to your employees?”