The Platinum CSR Award

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After EcoVadis has assessed the CSR management of a supplier (EcoVadis calls them “members”), the EcoVadis Premium Report on a supplier’s CSR management strongly reflects on about 15 pages what that supplier had presented to EcoVadis. But there are suppliers who hide their EcoVadis Premium Report from their own employees even though their CSR had been awarded with “Silver” or “Gold” by EvoVadis. One possible reason: These suppliers might be afraid, that their own employees could scrutinize the report with their insider knowledge. Consequently, you can’t really count on “Gold” ratings and “Silver” ratings, if awarded suppliers hide their EcoVadis Premium Report from their own employees

Therefore I came up with the “Platinum CSR Award”: Suppliers who disclose the EcoVadis Premium Report on their CSR management at least to their own employees, deserve credit (admittedly no real platinum, sorry). They, and of course those who publish the report in the internet, deserve a Platinum CSR Award.

Suppliers that prove their credibility by openly publishing their report in the internet of course have a top-notch attitude towards CSR – even if they didn’t receive a “Gold” award. A company with a “Silver” award and a openly disclosed EcoVadis Premium Report is much more credible that a “Gold” awarded supplier that hides the Premium Report.

Platinum for transparent reporting:

The list probably is not complete. Sorry.

If you think that these companies are courageous, then please think again.
Actually, these companies simply are smart.

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